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Contact information

619, rue du Luxembourg
Granby (Québec)  J2J 2V2

Tel.  1-450-770-2948
Fax. 1-450-770-1040

Tel.      1-866-772-2948
Fax  1-866-427-1040

Our history

Founded in 1979, Super Remover designed a high-quality paint, varnish and glue stripping agent that, until 2003, was only sold on a small-scale level. Following the launch of major advertising and marketing campaigns, the brand suddenly found itself at the top of its category.

Super Remover’s products, now offered in all major hardware stores across Canada, have made them the country’s largest manufacturer of stripping products. The company is in continuous expansion, and many development projects are underway.

Our mission

Super Remover’s mission is to offer high-quality stripping and cleaning products and accessories.

Our « Super » values


We take great care to choose high-quality raw materials. Our quality control is rigorous and helps us ensure the efficiency of our products and their performance.

Customer priority

We seek to answer all your requests as rapidly as possible and offer solutions tailored to each of your needs. In addition to our rapid shipment, Super Remover offers rapid and personalized customer service.


All of our employees work in a safe environment, and your safety is also of utmost importance to us. All information relating to the safe use of our products is available in hardware stores and on our website.


We value honesty and transparency in our actions and decisions. In order to guarantee responsible practices and product compliance, we personally visit all of our suppliers.


Our success is the result of collaboration among all team members and lasting business relationships with our clients and suppliers. Super Remover also gives back to the community through involvement in various organizations and causes throughout the local region.