Save the environment one piece of furniture at a time

Did you know that furniture restoration and refinishing reduces the impact of carbon on the environment? When compared to the furniture restoration process, it takes 1000 times more carbon dioxide in order to make a new furniture piece. That piece of furniture that you spot at a garage sale or find hiding in your basement is a great project! Utilizing existing furniture is better for the environment and you get a one of kind piece.

Once furniture starts looking worn, don’t replace it. Refinish it and give it new life. Wood furniture needs to be maintained just like any part of your house. That means spending some time to strip any existing coatings, sanding out any scratches or dings and repainting or staining to make it look new again.

Breathe new life into your furniture for a fraction of the price

On top of getting a one of a kind piece, refinishing furniture also is significantly less expensive than buying new furniture. The cost of paint remover, a few tools, new paint and a few hours of your time is significantly lower than buying a new piece of furniture. Think of how much more memorable this piece of furniture will be after a little investment of your  time! Not to mention the other benefits of refinishing your furniture.

Old furniture can stand the test of time with a little facelift

Generally older furniture is made of higher quality wood. That means that you will get a lot more life out of the piece after you refinish it. Modern furniture is generally made out of plywood meaning that it won’t last more than a few years. It’s much more likely that an older piece of furniture is made out of hardwood and had a lot more life left.

Do want your furniture to look more modern? Stripping away paint or varnish and choosing a new colour or stain can completely transform a piece of furniture.

Recap: reasons to refinish instead of buying new furniture

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Saves money
  3. Allows you to utilize high quality furniture
  4. Chance to redesign to your specifications


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Super Remover is proud to participate in the Programme Compensation CO2 Québec in which trees will be planted in order to offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon sequestration is a practical, tangible and affordable solution to fight against climate change. This is why 99 white spruces will be planted on our behalf to sequester 18 tonnes of CO2.

Super Remover is once again an official partner of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby that will be held from August 16 to 26, 2017. The 49th edition looks as promising as the previous ones!

An event we are proud to support

We have at heart, with all other partners, to support this Festival from our region that celebrates Francophonie year after year. Again this year Hydro-Québec, the Ville de Granby and Desjardins join us along with many other local and regional partners.

About the FICG

Following a selection process held from April 24 to May 4, 18 artists, groups and authors-composers-performers were chosen as semi-finalists. Six French Canadian winners of various interprovincial contests were also chosen.

The artists will be personnally trained to perfect their songs from June 6 to 8, and they will be on an internship to prepare for the semi-finals. Here are the 3 main shows hosted by Super Remover, once again this year on the Desjardins stage in Daniel-Johnson Park:

  • August 24, 9 p.m.: Te v’là, a tribute to Robert Charlebois, guest artists: Gabriella, Philippe Brach, Raphaël Dénommé, Dylan Perron, Mehdi Cayenne, Ima, Joseph Edgar, King Melrose, Joey Robin Haché, Geneviève Morissette, Brigitte Boisjoli, Émile Gruff, Émile Bilodeau, Dominic Pelletier, Vanessa Borduas and Dan Bigras, first part Cherry Chérie.
  • August 25, 9 p.m.: Éric Lapointe and first part, Bleu Jeans Bleu.
  • August 26, 9 p.m.: De Jean Leclerc à Jean Leloup, guest artists Mehdi Cayenne, Les Deuxluxes, Soran, Mathieu Lippé, Bernhari, Ilam, Stefie Shock, Marie-Jo Thério, Simon Daniel, Sylvie DesGroseilliers, Loud, Antoine Lachance and VioleTT Pi.

Enjoy the shows!

After our makeover, we are expanding our plant! We added 10 000 additional square feet to our building, for a total of 20 000 square feet. Since we are preparing to increase our market to the United States, we need more storage space! We will also add a new automated filling line.

A space for rent

Last year, the owner of Super Remover, Sébastien Plourde, acquired the company ELANO International. This distributor of industrial containers is also Super Remover’s main supplier. Super Remover will be able to rent some storage space to ELANO and also pair up the 2 plants’ operations under the same roof. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Quebec race-car driver, Valérie Chiasson. Our company is one among many to sponsor her 2016 racing season.

Who is Valérie Chiasson?

Porsche GT3 Canada Cup driver approved by the IMSA, Valérie was recently nominated ambassador for the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Women in Motorsport commission, created to encourage female participation in the world of motorsport.
This young driver won us over with her values and charisma. Heavily involved in civic endeavors, she has participated in various athletic events, including a 160km cycling race for Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Many other activities of this nature make her a staunch promoter in the development of Canadian athletic hopefuls.

Side by side with Porsche Prestige, Total Canada and other partners, Super Remover wishes Valérie a terrific 2016 season!
Stay tuned!

For the second consecutive year, Super Remover is an official partner of the renown Festival international de la chanson de Granby. This 48th edition, to be held from August 17 to 27, will once again highlight budding Quebec artists as they have in the past, such as Dédé Fortin, Luc de Larochelière, Alex Nevsky and 2016 spokesperson Isabelle Boulay, among others.

Why support this event?

As a Granby-based business, we can’t help but support this major competition celebrating Francophonie, side-by-side with major collaborators such as Desjardins, Hydro-Québec, the Ville de Granby and many more local and regional partners. This event is a gem in our community and we’re proud of it! We even have the chance to meet the talented artists who perform on stage.

The FICG in brief

The Festival begins long before the semi-finals held from August 17 to 20. Participants subscribe in February and their submissions are reviewed in April. Artists, groups and authors-composers-performers are called to audition from April 27 to May 8. Among them, 18 semi-finalists are chosen, including 6 French Canadian winners of various interprovincial contests.

From June 7 to 9, the artists are given customized training to perfect their work. In mid-August, comes an internship to prepare for rehearsals and the semi-finals. Super Remover will host three major shows on the Desjardins stage in Daniel-Johnson Park:

  • August 25: 30 Succès – 16 Voix (Isabelle Boulay, Boom Desjardins, Michel Rivard, Wilfred LeBouthillier, Les Sœurs Boulay, etc.)
  • August 26: Mordicus and Marjo
  • August 27: Zébulon followed by La Messe à Dédé Fortin (Yann Perreau, Loco Locass, Koriass, Antoine Gratton, Rémi Chassé, Mara Tremblay and more!)

Enjoy the performances!

Sous la pression des défenseurs de l’environnement et de la sécurité des usagers, les décapants de peinture contenant du chlorure de méthylène (aussi appelé dichlorométhane) et de la n-méthyl-pyrrolidone (ou NMP) seront progressivement retirés des tablettes des magasins appartenant ou affiliés à Lowe’s, aux États-Unis comme au Canada. L’AQMAT a parlé avec Sébastien Plourde, président d’une des entreprises visées en raison de son produit vedette Super Décapant. Il se dit prêt à faire face à la situation appréhendée depuis quelques années déjà.

« J’annoncerai bientôt en primeur aux membres de l’AQMAT les détails de la toute nouvelle formule que nous avons mis au point avec une université américaine. Puisque son efficacité sera comparable au Super Décapant actuel, je suis donc confiant que le produit deviendra la nouvelle référence dans le marché », lance avec assurance M. Plourde.

Il est vrai que depuis plusieurs années, le consommateur était tiré entre deux extrêmes : acheter des produits efficaces, mais contenant des produits présentant un certain degré de dangerosité et des produits respectant toute norme, mais à l’efficacité douteuse. Un décapant qui fait le travail tout en étant non nuisible pour l’environnement et sécuritaire pour l’utilisateur trouvera vite sa niche.

D’ailleurs, les autorités de Lowe’s aux États-Unis, tel que rapporté dans les médias américains, entendent s’impliquer dans l’instauration de nouveaux standards dans l’industrie. « Nous avons à cœur la santé et la sécurité de nos clients », affirme Mike McDermott, officier en chef du service client. « C’est pourquoi nous travaillerons de près avec les fournisseurs de l’industrie dans cette catégorie de produits pour que les nouveaux décapants soient à la hauteur des attentes des consommateurs ».

Pour l’heure, Sébastien Plourde se fait rassurant : « Tous les magasins qui tiennent la gamme de Super Décapant, comprenant une série Éco et une variante en aérosol, ne doivent aucunement s’inquiéter. Il suffit de bien informer le consommateur, ce que nos contenants font très bien. »

Légende photo  : Selon le groupe Safer Chemicals, qui a travaillé avec plusieurs autres groupes de défense des consommateurs, plus de 200 000 personnes à travers les États-Unis ont signé des pétitions cette année demandant à Lowe’s de retirer les dissolvants du marché contenant le composé organique couramment connu sous son abréviation DCM.

L’AQMAT est une communauté d’affaires constituée de 1 000 marchands, distributeurs et fabricants de quincaillerie et de matériaux de construction.