The Starter Kit - Super Remover
  • Super Remover gel formula - 1L
  • Stripping Gloves – industrial quality, medium size
  • Stripping pads - medium grain
  • 2" Deluxe Scrapper
  • 2.5" Pure Bristle Paint Brush
  • Available in box of 6 units

A stripping agent for various treatments

  • Brings a natural finish to surfaces;
  • Safe for antiques;
  • Can be used for heavy-duty projects and finishing work;
  • Removes oil, latex and epoxy paints, varnishes and all types of glues.

Warning !

Before proceeding with your stripping project, remember that each project is unique and that the product’s reaction time will vary depending on the item to be stripped.

Do not clean brushes in an acrylic sink or bathtub;

Do not use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, acrylic and plastics.

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