Super Remover for Glue - Super Remover

No glue can resist this Super Remover product. 100% reliable, it can strip even the most tenacious glue with only one application. Put less effort into getting a smooth surface, free of glue.

  • Removes all types of glue;
  • Low odor in action;
  • Water-cleanable;
  • Ultra-fast action;
  • Safe for wood, metal and concrete.

A powerful stripping agent to remove all kinds of glue

  • Can also be used as a stripping agent for paint and varnish;
  • Removes all types of glue: carpet, linoleum, ceramic, construction, etc.;
  • Removes urethane foam, tar, epoxy, contact cement and polyurethane glue (PL Premium).

Available in 2 formats

Warning !

Before proceeding with your stripping project, remember that each project is unique and that the product’s reaction time will vary depending on the item to be stripped.

Do not clean brushes in an acrylic sink or bathtub;

Do not use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, acrylic and plastics.

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