Biodegradable Super ECO Remover - Super Remover

100% biodegradable, this eco-friendly stripping agent will thrill environmentally-conscious DIYs. This highly efficient product will strip furniture bare, leaving a natural finish on surfaces like wood, metal and concrete.

  • Biodegradable;
  • Water-cleanable;
  • Practically odorless;
  • Removes up to 5 coats;
  • Ultra-fast action;
  • Requires adequate drying time.

A biodegradable stripping agent for stained, varnished and painted surfaces

  • Restores surfaces to their natural finish;
  • Perfect for environmentally-conscious DIYs;
  • Removes oil and latex paints, varnishes on all wood and furniture.

Available in 3 formats

Warning !

Before proceeding with your stripping project, remember that each project is unique and that the product’s reaction time will vary depending on the item to be stripped.

Do not clean brushes in an acrylic sink or bathtub;

Do not use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, acrylic and plastics.

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