Super Remover got a makeover!

Super Remover got a makeover!

For 13 years now, Super Remover products have been recognizable by this familiar scene: a freshly-stripped surface and a couple, very proud of their refurbished furniture. The time has come to get a makeover! We chose a more modern and simple image, without changing our product quality.

Modernizing our image for today's market

Not only was the label outdated (created in 2003), it also lacked some key elements for you, our users. It is you who inspired us to create a new look following your questions and comments. Our packaging now displays more detailed user instructions and clearer warnings.

Other products have been launched over the years, but their packaging was different from the rest of the line. There was a lack of consistency throughout the Super Remover brand. From now on, all 7 products in various sizes will have the same rejuvenated look! The front also now displays a logo and bilingual text to facilitate the marketing process.

Breaking into the American market

These new labels will also help us to sell in the United States, where potential clients were interested by our products yet remained unconvinced due to the outdated packaging. We presented our new brand image to a few businesses, and this time they liked what they saw!

Our new packaging should be available in your favourite stores over the course of the next few weeks or months, as marketing began in April 2016. We hope you'll like their look as much as we do!

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